Responsive Website Design

Every business needs mobilizing can you afford to wait?

Clayive builds responsive websites and apps that adapt and display elegantly on a range of screen sizes and devices

If you’ve ignored previous warnings and your business isn’t taking advantage of responsive web design right now or planning on it in the very near future, you are in danger of going out of business in 2014.

Responsive design empowers your website to deliver a consistent customer experience across desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

Have you ever tried to access a website on a mobile or tablet device, and been unable to do what you want - due to broken content and slow loading times? This is how your customers are viewing your brand if you have not addressed the mobile space.

Clayive's responsive design approach means that your website or custom-built application will give users the best possible experience on their chosen device.

At the heart of responsive design is:

  • Content
  • Flexibility
  • Usability
  • Accessibility

Responsive Design Features

  • Auto-detects device and delivers optimal experience
  • Reduces the need to create different versions of your site, offering 1 solution that works efficiently across all devices.
  • Responsive fluid grid layouts, scale to any size
  • Unlimited flexibility in design, layout, scaling and user experience
  • Responsive design lets you keep your own domain—nothing changes except code on the back-end.
  • Since responsive design simply embeds new code on the back-end of your website, your company’s link equity is preserved.
  • A better return on investment.
  • One brand, one codebases, one domain. This makes sure your users will find you on mobile devices without having to wait for redirects, especially helpful on slower connections.
  • There is no need to create specific content for mobile devices, while you still enjoy the benefits of your desktop website SEO on mobile devices.
  • Easy marketing. No extra work for the marketing department is required to promote your website on mobile.
  • Cost efficient solution, as you no longer need to produce multiple templates.


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