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Engage, communicate and share - Our digital marketing strategy help brands optimise their online performance.

Digital Brand Engagement

Gaining the attention of online users isn’t easy. Competition is steep, and getting an edge requires a keen understanding of the various components that create a successful digital presence: web, mobile, communication, social media outreach, online advertising, search engine marketing, your tech stack and on-going page optimization, to name a few. Engaging websites don’t just happen overnight — they’re built with careful planning.

Clayive begins all projects with a discovery process that breaks down your organization’s goals, priorities, and capabilities. We design our strategy around your target audience and key performance indicators. We build a tech stack around the capabilities of your team and work to teach your organizers how to get the most of the solutions we provide.

We then formulate a comprehensive digital marketing roadmap to see the big picture and help you reach your goals. We also provide ongoing strategy and consulting services to help you adapt and develop your goals as the lifecycle of your organization and its priorities expand.

Digital marketing strategy gets results.

  • Our digital marketing strategy provides a roadmap to your online success.
  • We help conceive, create, and launch campaigns that inspire millions of people around the world to take action.
  • Our strategy aims to tell a story, generate awareness, and build a tech stack that works for you and your organization.
  • What Digital Marketing services do we offer?

    How can Clayive help you gets results?

    Of course, there is no point implementing any digital strategy unless you achieve a return on your investment...


    First, we ensure your campaign is seamlessly executed across all platforms, with a consistent tone and message online.

    Second, from day-to-day management to training and consultation, we can tailor our services to your specific requirements whilst making the most of your available budget.

    Third, we set goals, track progress and devise proactive strategies to maximize the return on your investment.

    Fourth, you don't need to spend valuable time briefing multiple agencies - being a full-time personal digital marketing consultancy allows us to provide you with everything from bespoke online marketing consultation and management all under the same roof.


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