Brand Management

Your brand needs a simple, authentic and emotional story

We help to define the meaning of your brand and how to best position it for growth.

Clayive believes that every business has a unique story. We form that into a clear, trustworthy and compelling brand personality - helping brands stand above in a chaotic marketplace. Clayive build a strong cohesive experience across a multi-channel global environment that resonates with a highly defined target demographic. Clayive is committed to uncovering the key ingredients to help our clients become high-performance businesses.

Branding is much more than your public image. It's the growth engine that drives your business. Transforming the identity of your organization into a tight, cohesive package takes a large pool of talent and marketing & branding strategy to drive the work in a positive direction. Graphic design is a must: reinventing your color palette to match your attitude. Professional development and writing make your brand more cohesive and speak more loudly than ever before. Taglines, advertisements, and marketing initiatives all come into play, forming the vehicle that delivers your message to the masses and fosters brand growth.

Brand is Possibility

Whether you get stuck into social media or not, your customers will be talking about you. By engaging with them you can understand what they are saying and give them some nice things to talk about.

In short, thanks to social media channels, they are now in control of your brand. Clayive can help you make friends with them. Our brand strategists can help shape your identity and product messaging to create something customers want to talk about... in a good way..

You have objectives to meet. You have stakeholders to excite. You have business challenges to overcome. The rapid evolution of digital marketing and technology has forced businesses to recognize both the competitive challenges and the extensive business development opportunity that the web offers. With so many branding agencies in Houston, Clayive stands out from the rest by offering:

What Brand Services do we offer?

  • Brand Strategy
  • Research and Competitive Analysis
  • Branding and Design Analysis
  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand Identity and Positioning (naming & tagline development)
  • Brand Management and Activation
  • Digital Marketing and Advertising Strategy
  • Business Development Initiatives
  • Social Media Strategies
  • Product Launches and Redesigns
  • Communications, Copy and Content Strategy
  • Collateral Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Stationery Design
  • Brand Identity Guidelines
  • Digital Asset management Systems Design

Clayive possesses a large talent pool and takes care of all electronic branding initiatives in-house. From the moment you sit down with us, you'll be interacting one-on-one with the creative artists, designers, developers, digital marketing strategists, social media specialists, and account managers who will be shaping your brand or product. It's all part of the Clayive promise: Brand is possibility.


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